About Us

Lukoi Kennel Affix

Lukoi is a Kennel affix we registered with the Northern Inuit Society. It was serve as an identifier for our dogs and all future litters will bear the Lukoi kennel name. We have also registered the affix with the Kennel Club, so no other breeders in the UK can use the name!

Lukoi Affix Certificate

The Owners

David Blakemore
  • Name: David Blakemore
  • Age: 35
  • Occupation: Web Developer
  • Likes: Dogs, Computers and Star Wars
  • Dislikes: Being Ignored, Arogant Drivers and Gok Wan
  • Email: dave@lukoinortherninuits.co.uk

I adore dogs! Growing up, I always had Lurchers in the family. I have memories of when I was a kid, my brother and I going down to the bottom of the yard and getting in the kennel with the dog. It's memories like this which have always given me the desire to own a Lurcher, hence why we got Cassie.

Well, a little about me I suppose... By day I am a PHP web developer working for a design and development agency in Wolverhampton. By night, I try to do as little as possible! I'm at my happiest when I am with my wife and dogs, be it out on a long walk together, or all curled up by the fire watching television.

When not at work or out with the dogs, I can oftern be found creating divets on a golf course or playing on my Nintendo Wii, but I rarely get around to this anymore.

Rachel Blakemore
  • Name: Rachel Blakemore
  • Age: 36
  • Occupation: Customer Service Operative
  • Nickname: None
  • Likes: Reading, Vampires, Art and Dogs
  • Dislikes: False People, Thieves and Animal Cruelty
  • Email: rachel@lukoinortherninuits.co.uk

Rachel, equally, has always loved dogs. When she was a little girl, she could very often be found curled up asleep next to her parents' Cocker Spaniel in the dog basket. Her family got a Siberian Husky when she was 15, so she has always been keen on the 'northern' breeds.

Rachel currently works as a Customer Services operative for a well known printer company. We can't say which one, but if your printer is ever broke, chances are you'll be moaning at Rachel to get it sorted!

In her spare time, when she's not with me or the dogs, Rachel enjoys reading, painting and the cinema. She also enjoys horse riding, but rarely gets the opportunity to do this.