Puppy names chosen by David Blakemore

8th June 2015

The puppy names have now been chosen (pending acceptance by the NIS). Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the Star Wars Litter...

  • Alderaan Princess (Miss Aqua)
  • Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herder (Mr Green)
  • Dark Lord Of The Sith (Mr Purple)
  • Short For A Stormtrooper (MrBlue)
  • Disturbing Lack Of Faith (Miss Light Pink)
  • My Only Hope (Miss Yellow)
  • Let The Wookie Win (Mr Red)
  • Rebel Leader (Miss Lilac)
  • Queen Of Naboo (Miss Pink)

Don't forget there are still puppies available from this gorgeous litter, so please get in touch if you're interested!

Puppies available by David Blakemore

7th June 2015

As you're probably already aware, Lexie recently gave birth to 9 stunning puppies (What? you didn't know?! Check them out on our Puppy Page)!

Lexie and her stunning puppies

Lexie and her stunning puppies

We have already started compiling a waiting list for this litter, but we still have pups available. If you're interested in owning one of these amazing dogs, please get in touch.

Lexie's First Litter (and other news) by David Blakemore

25th May 2015

So... erm... This is a bit embarrassing. We haven’t updated this site February last year, after promising to make more of an effort to keep this site updated! Sorry about that. But hey, we're on it now. Well, I guess I'd better fill you in on what's been going on.

Firstly, as some of you may already be aware, we lost our gorgeous Ela after complications with her pregnancy. It was an incredibly hard time and one of the reasons we neglected the website; we simply couldn't bring ourselves to write about it. It's still a very hard thing for us to talk about, but it's time we let you all know. We're going to be setting up a memorial page for her over the next few months.

I guess the only other big news is that Lexie is expecting a litter... Tomorrow! We publicised this news on our Facebook page, but not on here. Again, sorry about that. To make it up to you, we've been working really hard over the past few days to get the new and improved DogCam page so you can share the experience with us. You'll notice that the new DogCam page looks different to the rest of the site. We have finally started updating the website and decided this was the best page to start with. Obviously it's not fully finished, but we're getting there.

Lexie and Asbo's Litter

Lexie and Asbo's Litter

We want to thank you for bearing with us. We promise to do better going forward, keeping you up to date with updates and pictures of Lexie and her first litter.

Winter update by Rachel Blakemore

20th February 2014

It's been another busy few months here with lots going on both people and dog related which has meant the new website has been slightly delayed and we have been a bit behind on updating this one. So here are the top stories from us:

Lexie has now been hip and elbow scored and we are very pleased to say she got a BVA hip score of 3:6 and BVA elbow score of 0:0! We will be getting Lexie eye tested this year and then giving her a chance to mature before we decide if she will be bred from.

Ela will be having her last litter very shortly! We did have some bleeding the other day but in true Ela fashion this has now stopped. When she is ready Ela will be going to the stunning stud Blue at Highground Northern Inuits. We are currently compiling a waiting list for this litter so please contact us for more information.

Ela and Blue

Ela and Blue

Lexie and David have been enjoying a new pass time of CaniX over the last few months and are doing really well! In fact they managed to get a 3rd in their last race which was only the second time they have competed – Well done both of you. It's great to see something that both people and dogs enjoy so much that also helps to keep both parties fit and healthy.

David and Lexie

David and Lexie at their first CaniX event

Raina and Lexie have been doing well at dog training with Raina passing her gold kennel club good citizen award and Lexie her puppy kennel club good citizen award. Unfortunately we were unable to attend the exam for Lexie's Bronze kennel club good citizen award but I'm sure she would have passed without a problem. We are hoping to carry on and do Silver with Lexie and Gold with Ela this year.

Pups now settling into their new homes by David Blakemore

23rd November 2012

We are happy to announce that all the puppies are now settled into their new homes, with the exception of Lexie (Bella's Lullaby) who is staying with us.

We have heard from all the owners who say that their pups are saettling in well.

Magnus (Neauton Star Collision) has a a couple of new friends in a Border Collie and a German Shepard, Mira (Only A Dream) is having a great time playing with her new family and Dyson (Love Is Worth The Fall) is thrilled to have some new dogs to play with.

We couldn't be happier!

First Lukoi Pup Officially Reserved! by David Blakemore

Monday 15th October 2012

The first Lukoi puppy has officially been reserved!

Lukoi Love Is Worth The Fall(a.k.a "Mr. Green" or "Tank") has a lovely new home to go to and a nice new name... "Dyson".

Two more pups will have homes to go to very soon (we're just waiting for confirmation on who wants who). This means that we still have 1 puppy available. If your interested, please get in touch.

We mourn the loss of a Beautiful Puppy by David Blakemore

Tuesday 9th October 2012

It is with a heavy heart that we have to say that poor little Moon (Lukoi Shooting The Moon) has sadly passed away.

Rest in peace, little Moon

He had been unwell for a while and was limping when he walked. Initally, one of his back legs was swollen and he had a rather nasty bruise. All signs pointed to trauma of some sort (most likely being trodden on by his mum by accident). He still seemed mobile, so we kept and eye on him , periodically applying heat pads to ease the swelling.

During the last weeks, his leg got better, but we were shocked and confused to find that his other leg was now swollen. It was clear that something else was happening, so we booked him into the vets. Again, he still seemed bright and mobile an was still gaining weight (albeit not as much as the others).

We were due to have him x-rayed on Monday 8th October, but his health went rapidly downhill after being dropped off at the vets. It seems he had an infection which he most likely picked up as a newborn puppy while his umbilical cord was healing. The infection had spread into his spinal column. Sadly, it had gotten the better of him and we had to make the hard decision to have him put to sleep.

Run free little man. You will be sorely missed. xx

Update on Lukoi Light Fantastic (Micco) by David Blakemore

Monday 3rd September 2012

British Veterinary Association

Just wanted to post a quick update regarding one of Ela's first litter pups, Lukoi Light Fantastic (a.k.a Micco), who was recently BVA Hip & Elbow Scored. I just got a text from Micco's owner informing me of his results...

  • BVA Hip Score: 4-3 (total 7)
  • BVA Elbow Score: 0-0 (total 0)

Well done Micco!

UPDATE: Micco has also had his eyes tested and the results came back clear of any abnormalities!

PuppyCam is ONLINE! by David Blakemore

Sunday 2nd September 201

Pup from Ela's last litter (Toby)

Just a quick update to let you all know that PuppyCam is now back online.

Ela is due to give birth in a few days, so we're just sorting all the final preparations. Very exciting few days ahead!

We will hopefully be keeping you all updated over the coming months with the progress of these puppies via our Puppy Page. Please come back for regular updates.

If you are experiencing any problems viewing PupoyCam, or have any questions regarding Ela or her litter, please feel free to contact us.

Summer Update by Rachel Blakemore

7th Auguest 2012

We have been quite bad at keeping this page updated recently, but it's because we are working on a brand new site to be unveiled very soon. It's still a work in progress but we are really pleased with how its coming along. Watch this space for updates!

While we have been away a lot has been going on here at Lukoi. The top news for all of us has to be that 5 weeks ago Ela was mated to Maverick of Wild Northern Inuits and we are thrilled to say that she is pregnant! Puppies are due on the 5th September and there is still room on the waiting list so please get in touch or visit our puppy page for more info.

Ela and Maverick

Ela and Maverick

In other news the show season has been a rather wet one, with Bakewell being cancelled due the ground being so waterlogged that ducks were swimming around in our show ring! A new show was arranged near Nottingham in conjunction with SHARE a husky rescue group at the end of July. We were there of course and had a great day out. Ela won Brood Bitch, Raina came 3rd in Adult Bitch and 1st in Best Trick. Mishka (Lukoi Raina's Resolution) came 4th in White NI. But the real star for Lukoi was Micco (Lukoi Light Fantastic). He won Special Yearling and then went on to win Reserve Best In Show! Well done Micco and Richard!

Micco getting Reserve Best In Show

Micco getting Reserve Best In Show

Arthur (Lukoi Countdown to Midnight) has also been doing well in the show ring getting 2nd place in his class at a local dog show. There are still a few shows left to go but Ela will be giving them a miss from now on.

The girls have also been showing that they have brains as well a beauty in their training class. Raina completed her Bronze KC Good Citizen Award in April so we decided to carry on and do Silver.

Lukoi Good Citizens

Lukoi Good Citizens

However 4 weeks into the course she came into season. So as to not miss out we decided to take Ela instead to keep up and take the test as planed. Ela proved to be a natural and was soon keeping up with the rest of the class. This meant that when Raina was out of season we kept both the girls in the class and they both passed their Silver with flying colours, Ela even pulled off a double whammy taking her Bronze and Silver on the same day!

2012 is looking good so far by Rachel Blakemore

12th May 2012

The start of the year was stressful with Raina's C-section! Now that the drama is over, 2012 has so far been pretty good to us here at Lukoi. Both of Raina's puppies are doing well in their new homes and we are in regular contact with the proud Mummies and Daddies. Mishka (Lukoi Raina's Resolution) has gone to live with one of Ela's puppies in Kent, while Arthur (Lukoi Countdown to Midnight) travelled all the way up to Scotland. We will be sure to update both the Facebook page and here with photos as they grow up.

Lukoi Countdown To Midnight (Arthur)

Lukoi Countdown To Midnight (Arthur)

Ela coming 2nd in Brood Bitch

Ela coming 2nd in Brood Bitch

Ela's puppies have now had their 1st birthday and we are really proud of how they have turned out. We will be updating their page with photos as we get them to show you how they have grown. We have already planned Ela's next litter for this Autumn to the lovely Maverick - her stunning toy boy! See our puppies page for more info.

Spring is here and with it the start of the show season. It kicked off with Huntingdon which saw Ela winning the brood bitch class and Micco (Lukoi Light Fantastic) coming 4th in Member's Adult Dog. The next show was at Peterborough and was another great day for the Lukoi family.

Both Ela and Raina came 2nd in there breed classes, then Miska came 4th in Minor Puppy and Micco came 2nd in Special Yearling. Both of these classes were well attended and had some tough competition. Micco didn't stop there though and went on to win Member's Adult Dog and Best Member's Adult In Show! The next show will be at Bakewell - Dogs Unleashed - a full weekend event where the NIS will be holding a stand on both days and a show on the Sunday (24th June). We hope to see some of you there.

A New Year's of Mixed Emotions by David Blakemore

2nd January 2012

Once again, we've been a little lazy on the Lukoi website and haven't updated it for quite some time. So much has happened recently that it's time to update you all.


First and foremost, We have some new arrivals in the Lukoi household. Raina has had her puppies, but it was a really stressful and emotional night. She went into the first stages on the 29th December, with lots of pacing and panting.

She went into labour on the 30th, and by 5:30pm she was having contractions. After about 50 minutes, there was still no puppy, which was getting us a little worried, so we rang the vets. Our vet advised us to bring her in so they could scan her to see if the pups were in distress.

We took her down and the scan didn't reveal anything untoward, so we took her back home. She continued to have periodic contractions but still no puppies. This went on for a few more hours, so we decided to take her back to the emergency vets.

Upon examination, the vet could feel a puppy in the birth canal, but it was preseting breach. The vet gave her a shot of Oxytocin to help her pass the stuck puppy. She tried for another hour to pass the puppy, but still couldn't do it. Upon our vets advise, we decided that she needed a C-Section before she got into any serious distress.

Rachel and I decided to wait at the vets while she had her operation, in case we could be any help with the puppies.

The operation went fine and she had 5 puppies. Unfortunately, 3 of them were very weak with faint hearbeats and despite all efforts, we were unabled to save them. However, 2 of the puppies were very strong and screaming in no time.

After the operation, they brought Raina back in to us. She was very groggy and disoriented, but she soon came around. We introduced her to her puppies and she took to them really well, cleaning and feeding them.

It was a very upsetting night, but we were so thrilled that Raina was OK and that she had 2 healthy pups.


The Lukoi pack have done exceptionally well this show season, with both Ela and Raina winning some of the end of year awards.

  • Raina won the Northern Inuit Society's Dog of the year award!
  • Ela won the Northern Inuit Society's Brood Bitch of the year award!
  • Rachel won the Northern Inuit Society's President's Shield for everything she has done for the society this year, including show registrations and the NIS newsletter.
  • I won the Northern Inuit Society's David Foster Cup, for helping out at all the shows this year.

One final piece of news, Rachel and I have now been voted onto the Northern Inuit Sociery Committee!

It's a family affair by Rachel Blakemore

Wednesday 5th October 2011

Since our last update, the key word for us here has been family, or rather our extended NI family, both Lukoi and others.

Raina winning Best In Show

Raina winning Best In Show

We have loved seeing Ela's pups grow up at the shows they have attended and seeing them in the ring is amazing. The boys have also enjoyed some success in the ring since we last posted with Micco (Lukoi Light Fantastic) getting 5th in NIS Members Puppy Dog at Huntingdon show and 4th in Puppy at Amersham show. Boris (Lukoi Wyrd Sisters) got 5th in Most Handsome Dog, 4th NIS Members Puppy Dog and 3rd in Minor Puppy at Huntingdon show then 3rd in Puppy at Amersham show. Both boys had some stiff compertition so we are really proud of both of them.

Our own girls have also had an excellent show season with Raina winning Special yearling at both Huntingdon and Amersham, where she then went on to win best in show, and winning Adult bitch at Durham show. Ela has placed 2nd in Brood Bitch at all three shows leaving her in great standing for brood bitch of the year so watch this space for updates!

Our dogs at the Watermill Inn

Raina, Ela and Cassie at the Watermill Inn

Inbetween a busy show season we escaped to the Lakes for a few days where we met some lovely new people and Raina had a hoilday romance with their Border terrier Burt! Despite the weather and the car breaking down we had a fabulous time at The Water Mill Inn and Brewing which was a truly dog friendly pub and place to stay. The food and drink was fantasic as well as being reasonably priced, added with the fact the dogs were made so welcome we will definatly be going there again. Due to the car we also needed to stop an extra night so have to say a huge thanks to the Meadocroft Guest House for letting us stay and again making all the Lukoi family so welcome.

On the way home from Widermere we popped into see Toby (lukoi Feet Of Clay) who is such a big lad now and so handsome. We took all the dogs for a walk and the girls had soon put him in his place at the bottom of the pile though he didn't seem to mind.Thank you to Yvonne, Leon and Amy for having us round and feeding us a lovely dinner.

At the Durham show we also had a visitor in the form of Bindi and her mum Susan, she has grown and changed so much since we last saw her. She is now a truely stunning young bitch and reminds us so much of her Mum but luckly with her daddys ears! See our pervious litters page to see all the pups and have they have grown up over the last 8 months.

On the way back from Durham show thanks to the hand of fate we were able to take part in a wonderful event. For some reason the Sat Nav decided to take us a radom way home which went by Worksop, while we were in the area we decided to pop in on our good friends Kerry and Rob of Wild Northern Inuits. It turned out that we got a cuppa with a side order of puppies as their bitch Taryn went into labour. Its always an amazing feeling to see new life coming into the world and it really brought back memories of when Ela gave birth. Midwife Elaine of Avatea Northern Inuits came to help with the birth which went on long into the night. Taryn had 9 beautiful puppies 8 of which are looking for lovely new homes, contact Wild Northern Inuits for more info on this litter.

The first Wild Litter

The very first littler from Wild Northern Inuits

We're Back! by David and Rachel Blakemore

Sunday 26th June 2011

Jake and Persha (Lukoi Colour of Magic

Jake and Persha at the Essex show

Well, it's been a long time since we last updated the site, so we thought it about time we did something about it. What can I say, so mcuh has happened since the last update that I think it's only fair to include it all!

First and foremost, Abberline has been found! She went missing about 4 months ago in Stirling and was found a few weeks ago in Perth. She is in good health (albeit a bit on the skinny side) and was wearing a new collar. We suspect that someone has been feeding / looking after her. We're all just glad that whoever it was has decided to turn her in, so that she could be returned to her to her rightful family.

Thanks to the Microchip that Abberline has implanted in her neck, the authorities were able to find out who she belonged to and return her. It just goes to show, you should alwyas get your dog microchipped! Her family are absolutely over the moon (as we all are). Welcome Back, Abberline!

Secondly, one of our previous litter, Toby (Lukoi Feet of Clay) recently went under the knife, after swallowing a squeaker from a chew toy! His family noticed that after 3 days, it still hadn't emerged, so they took him to the vets for an x-ray. The vet couldn't see it inside him, but recommended an operation to find it. His family were so worried about him, but I am happy to report that he has bouch back tremendously and is making a full and speedy recovery.

Amy and Toby (Lukoi Feet Of Clay

Amy and Toby at the Bakewell show

We met him at the recent Bakewell show, and he's adorable. Such a lovng and affectionate dog! We were so thrilled when he remembered us!

The show season has also kicked off in fine form, with the Essex show leading the way. Several of the lukoi pups attended, including Micco (Lukoi Light Fantastic), Persha (Lukoi Colour of Magic) and Timber (Lukoi Soul Music). Persha even won best NIS Members Puppy in show, with handler Jake Offord! Well done!

Ela also did well, coming 2nd in Brood bitch at both Bakewell and Essex.

Finally, we now have 6 people on the wating list for the next Lukoi litter. We're all very excited about it and can't wait to see what lovely pups Rains and Raven will have!

All's Clear! by Rachel Blakemore

Wednesday 6th April 2011

Raina went for her eye test and has been given the all clear! This was the last health test that needed doing for Raina and she has passed all of them with flying colours.

To see all her certificates go to the health page.

This means that we can now go ahead with breeding Raina when she is a bit older and more mature.

We plan to breed her to Raven of Mahlek in October time and are already compiling a waiting list for this litter. See our planned litters for more info.

Abberline is still missing by David Blakemore

12th March 2011

Abberline is a gorgeous white NI who went missing from Kings Park in Stirling (Scotland) on Thursday, 17th February 2011.

If you have any information regarding her whereabouts, please let us know ASAP. Her owner is beside herself with worry!

PuppyCam is back (albeit a bit slower) by David Blakemore

12th February 2011

Our internet is back, but the WiFi in our house is shocking!

As such, PuppyCam is back, but it's much slower than usual

I am still trying to sort the issues out, so please be patient.

I hope to have it back up and running at full speed very soon

Thanks again for your patience!

PuppyCam Offline! by David Blakemore

11th February 2011

We're having some internet problems here in the Lukoi household. Not really sure what the problem is, but as of last night, we lost service all together.

We're sorry to annouce that as a result, we are unable to offer PuppyCam at the moment!

We've had a technician out and we're assued that the problem will be sorted soon. We'll repost when PuppyCam is back online.

In the mean time, please check out our youtube videos at http://www.youtube.com/lukoinortherninuits.

Thanks for your patience!

Kennel Names Announced! by David Blakemore

9th February 2011

Rachel and I were up late last night discussing the theme for the kennel names for the litter. After throwing a few good ideas around, we unanimously decided on Book Titles. Terry Pratchett book titles, to be precise.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to annoume the kennel names of our puppies:

Lukoi Colour of Magic (a.k.a. "Miss Pink")
Lukoi Wyrd Sisters (a.k.a. "Mr Red")
Lukoi Light Fantastic (a.k.a. "Mr Dark Blue")
Lukoi Feet of Clay (a.k.a. "Mr Green")
Lukoi Soul Music (a.k.a. "Mr Brown")
Lukoi Night Watch (a.k.a. "Mr Light Blue")
and finally...
Lukoi Hat Full of Sky (a.k.a. "Miss Yellow")

Eyes are opening... by David Blakemore

7th February 2011

Checking in on the puppies this morning, I noticed something odd about Mr Red when I picked him up. There seemed to be a slight glint in his eye.

I held him up and was thrilled to see that, yes, his eyes were indeed starting to open! He looks so cute with his little scrunched up face and squinty eyes!

We checked again tonight, and a few more of the pups are starting to see the world! Not long now until their eyes will be fully open.

On another note, we can no longer refer to Mr Brown as "chuck", as his brother Mr Dark Blue has now overtaken him, weighing in at 1.10kg!

Check out their progress so far...

DogCam is back... as PuppyCam! by David Blakemore

28th January 2011

For a while now, DogCam has been offline due to some technical issue we were having.

Well, I am very happy to announce that DogCam is now BACK ONLINE! Only this time, it's PuppyCam!

We've moved the camera from the dog room to the Whelping room, so that we can keepan eye on Ela and the pups all day.

Check it out now!

In the company of Direwolves by Rachel Blakemore

20th January 2011

Zunni with Sean Bean

Zunni with Sean Bean.

Raina has a rather famous Mummy... In fact she is going to be a star of the small screen!

Following in the paw prints of other canine actors before her, Zunni has landed the part of the Direwolf 'Lady' in the up comming show 'A Game of Thrones'.

She stars along side such human actors as Sean bean (shown in the picture to the right with Zunni) and Mark Addy, but also has a helping paw from other Northern Inuit puppies.

The television series follows the multiple storylines of the A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels by Geroge R R Martin and is due for release in April this year.

All of us here at Lukoi will be glued to the screen cheering on Raina's lovely mother as she shows what a Northern Inuit can do.

Ela has buns in her oven! by Rachel Blakemore

24th December 2010

Ela getting all fat

Ela showing off her puppy-bump.

It's been just under 4 weeks since Ela was mated to the stunning Spider, so we took Ela to the vets to be scanned.

She has been confirmed in whelp, which is a wonderful early Christmas present for us!

They shaved a small patch on her belly and had short look round, in which time we clearly saw at least 4 little gestational sacs. Our lovely vet, Kirsty, then zoomed in onto one puppy for a closer look and we got to see the little heart beating away.

It's still a mystery how many she has in there as no one wanted to stress Ela in her condition, but we only have a few more weeks to wait.

The pups are due early February. Please refer to our Puppy Page for more information.

The results are in... by Rachel Blakemore

7th November 2010

After a couple of months wait and a few errors we finally have Raina's hip and elbow scores back from the BVA.

We are very pleased to say that Raina's scores are under the breed average - Hips 7:8 (total 15) and elbows 0:0 (total 0)! See the health results page for the forms and x-rays which will be scanned in soon.

All that remains now is her eye test which we will do in 2011. Pending this we can find her a lovely boyfriend. Watch this space for more updates on Raina's love life.

Further Health Testing by Rachel Blakemore

14th September 2010

Continuing with our commintment with health testing all our dogs, we took Raina to be Hip and Elbow scored at Hampton Vetinary group in Malpas.

They are a wonderful vets that carry out the x-rays under sedation rather then a GA so we didnt have to leave her side apart from when they were acually taking the x-rays.

Raina was a bit groggy but after a good nights sleep was back to normal again the next day.

The plates look great and we should have the results in a few weeks, as soon as we do they will be on our health pages.

Happy Birthay Raina Pup! by Rachel Blakemore

27th August 2010

Raina celebrated her 1st birthday today and to mark the occasion, we made her a special doggy birthday cake!

Since she has a sweet tooth we went for a honey and peanut butter cake topped with doggy chocolate icing.

Feel free to contact us for the recepie if you want.

We also have a video of the Lukoi pack enjoying their treat. They all wolfed it down and it didn't last very long!

Wanted by David Blakemore

Monday 16th August 2010

The two suspects, disguised as businessmen

Be warned, the suspects may be disguised as businessmen.


Today, between the hours of 2:30pm and 3:30 pm, two vandals broke into (and raided) the cupboard under the stairs at the lukoi residence.

Amongst some of the things taken was a bag belonging to one of the owners, containing a purse, a pair of sungalsses, a pair of earphones, a 'Hello Kitty' mirror and some lip balm. All of these items were destroyed. It's believed that the suspects destroyed these items in the hope they would be inadmissable as evidence.

We are currently tracking two main suspects, though to be cute and furry! The suspects may have been caught on camera (dogcam). If you have any information, please contact us.

Amersham NI Show 2010 by David Blakemore

Monday 9th August 2010

The lukoi pack have just got back from the Amersham NI Show and once again have had a fantastic time!

Raina found herself a boyfriend in Freeman, a stunning little pup owned by our new friends Mike and Zoe. Here is a video of the two playing together.

It was also a good chance for us to put the word out about breeding Ela. We're hoping to generate enough interest to go ahead with it, so if you're interested in owning an NI, or know someone who is, please get in touch.

Ela did well, placing 3rd in her class Open Bitch.

Raina didn't have such a good day (failing to place in her classes), but she still performed like a little champ. Her sister on the other hand came first in the puppy class and went on to win best puppy in show! Huge congratulations to her!

Big thanks to everyone who attended and made the day a huge success! Here's looking forward to Durham!

Leyland TIDA Show by David Blakemore

Sunday 1st August 2010

Leyland TIDA Show

The Lukoi pack attended the TIDA show in Leyland today. It was Raina's first show, so we were excited to see how she would behave and show. We've already moved her around an open space on a show lead, so we knew what she's capable of.

Both Ela and Raina were great. Ela was not as nervous as she usually is and showed very well, moving with grace and elagance. Raina was also a little star. She moved well, showed well and was very well behaved.

Here's how they got on:

Ela got 4th in Wolfy Looking Bitch and 5th in NI Open Bitch. Raina got 3rd in Wolfy Looking Puppy and 2nd in NI Puppy.

Patter of tiny paws? by Rachel

Wednesday 21st July 2010

With all health tests now complete and Ela passing with flying colours we are planning to mate Ela in November. The chosen stud is Spider of Mahlek kennels. He is a stunning boy with a fantastic nature and has produced some beautiful pups in previous litters. We have met him many times and feel he is going be an excellent match to Ela both in looks, temperament and health.



We are currently compiling a waiting list for this litter so for any more information please contact us or go the Puppies page of our website.

Eye Testing by Rachel Blakemore

Tuesday 20th July 2010

Lukoi had a very prosperous trip to Pearl Vets in Shrewsbury today to get Ela eye tested today. Raina went along for the trip (we left Cassie happily sprawled on the sofa.) and both girls were very well behaved in the waiting room. It was a very busy surgery and a whole litter of Smooth collie pups came in which Raina was desperate to play with. Ela stood quietly the whole time on the table and let the vet do all the tests she needed and was such a brave girl. The outcome of this, I am very pleased to say, is that Ela has gotten the all clear!

The certificate can be viewed on the Heath pages of our website.